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The Beacon Museum – Activities for Schools (Resource)


The Beacon Museum is keen to promote learning both through schools and outside the classroom. While offering the best in local heritage engagement, the team has also branched out to offer a STEAM (STEM + the Arts) learning experience, both through our Sellafield Story exhibition and through collaborating with local science and engineering professionals.

The museum offers a perfect platform for businesses to collaborate in community and schools outreach, allowing them to reach out without the burden of organising such events from the ground up. It offers a bespoke venue for schools to run a heritage/arts learning session that can be added to with content on areas of expertise that are unique to the businesses of West Cumbria. This is where local supply chain and businesses can get involved. From careers and communications skills to vocational subjects and STEM – the team are happy to explore all possibilities on how we can work together. What’s more, the state of the art Beacon Portal provides an ideal community hub set in the centre of Whitehaven. The Beacon Portal is ideal for collaborative and community projects. All proceeds from venue hire go back into the ongoing work of the museum.

Below are some examples of the typical sessions that the museum deliver to over 5000 school children each year. These are based on the National Curriculum and reflect the subjects that schools ask for around heritage and local history.

Activity sessions

Explore the past — Stone Age to Iron Age

Step back in time and discover how early humans lived, learn about human evolution from primitive Homo sapiens through to our Iron Age ancestors.

Norse Settlers — New for 2018

Discover where the Vikings came from and what they looked like. Explore how they navigated across the seas, how they lived and what happened to them.

Toys — old and new (KS1)

Find out about toys from the past and how they differ to those played with today. The activity session involves discovering and looking at a wide range of fascinating Victorian toys and how they compare with toys from the 40s, 50s, 60s through to modern toys.

Wish you were here: A day at the Victorian seaside (KS1)

Let us take you on a journey to learn what a trip to the seaside was like for the Victorians! How have holidays changed?

Keep the home fires burning: World War II (KS2)

What was life like for the people of Copeland during World War II? Find out about rationing, air raids, gas masks, fun and games.

The Romans are coming (KS2)

Beacon Museum staff bring the sights, sounds and smells of ancient Rome into schools. Togas, original artefacts and some very fishy smells will bring the life and times of the Romans alive in your classroom.

Roman armour

Step back in time and discover how early humans lived, learn about human evolution from primitive Homo sapiens through to our Iron Age ancestors.

Washday blues (KS1)

Washday Blues is a hands-on activity session taking children back to the harsh realities of daily domestic life in Victorian times.

Time detectives

Go back in time and explore 19th Century Industrial Whitehaven. Learn what life was like for the working class and find out how they survived without electricity or sanitation.


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