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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

The following Lesson Plans can be downloaded and used…

Contract to Cube-It

A ready-to-go practical primary lesson promoting a broad range of mathematical and business skills, with a healthy mix of competition and collaboration between teams.

The aim of this practical activity is for learners to recognise and simulate how businesses add value and speculate wealth. Aside from the business context, the activity itself is rich in mathematical skills:

  • Manipulation of 3D shape and use of surface area
  • Evaluating information, planning, organising and formulating a strategy
  • Costing, pricing, buying, selling and resource management

Recommended time: Minimum 2 hours (can be extended indefinitely)
Recommended groups sizes: 4-6
Recommended for year groups: Yr5/6 (although has proven to work well in a mixed age environment)

Instructions: Please click/tap on the Zip file below to download to your computer (usually your Downloads folder or Desktop). Once downloaded, open the Zip file to see the lesson files it contains.

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Dream Jobs

Dream jobs – lesson Plan (Word file)

Dream jobs – presentation (PowerPoint file)

Scientific Insights

Scientific Insights – lesson Plan (Word file)

Designing your scientific insights activity (Word file)

Question prompts for children (Word file)

Learning Styles (image)

Engineering Fairytales

Do you want FREE STEM resources for your school?

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STEMFirst are proud to coordinate the STEM Ambassadors Hub for Lancashire and Cumbria working with our Cumbrian colleagues at C-STEM.

This is a special bulletin to offer Cumbrian PRIMARY and SECONDARY Schools the opportunity to :

  • Attend our FREE CPD for Teachers, Employers and Parents
  • Receive a FREE copy of our highly recommended ‘Engineering Fairy Tales’ resource
  • Meet STEM Ambassador volunteers and find out how to link your school with local employers to inspire, inform and raise awareness of STEM.

STEM Lesson Plan Ideas

These STEM lesson plans were provided by Anna Powell and were used at Ashfield School to run an after school STEM club. Please feel free to use these to run STEM sessions in schools.

Session 1 – Fruits and Plants – lesson plan (Word file)

Session 2 – Earth and Space – lesson plan (Word file)

Session 3 – Evolution & Inheritance – lesson plan (Word file)

Session 3 – Evolution & Inheritance – cut outs (Word file)

Session 4 – Volcanoes – lesson plan (Word file)

Session 4 – Volcanoes – presentation (PowerPoint file)

Session 5 – Chemistry – lesson plan (Word file)

Session 6 – Sound – lesson plan (Word file)

Session 6 – Sound – results table (Word file)

Session 7 – Water filter – lesson plan (Word file)

Session 8 – Meteorite Crater- lesson plan (Word file)

Session 9 – Lab Skills – lesson plan (Word file)

Session 10 – Tall Towers – lesson plan (Word file)

STEM Ideas

Multiple STEM Idea session ideas (PDF)

STEM Session – Frozen (Word file)

Material Science Workshop (Word file)

Paper Helicopters (PDF)

STEM Session DNA (Word file)

STEM Session Polar Express (PDF)

BBC Bitesize

The BBC bitesize website has lots of ideas and activities for KS1 and KS2 children. All offerings are broken down by subject area. A fantastic free resource available to all.

Website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize