• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Helen Haraldsen | Cumbrian Children’s Author (Resource)

Curriculum Links:
• English, PSHE: Being me in my world and hopes and dreams, mental health & wellbeing
Suitable for: KS2 & Year 2
Location: Virtual or face to face @ your school
Note there are costs associated with booking an author visit.

Helen Haraldsen is a children’s author, English teacher at Keswick School and former school librarian. Her mission in life is to inspire young people to love reading and writing so that they have the literacy skills they need to access life’s opportunities: being Lit Fit for Life!
Helen offers in-person or virtual author visits.
The aim of a primary school visit is to give pupils the experience of meeting a ‘real life’ author and help them find what they enjoy reading and writing to grow their confidence and enjoyment of literacy activities.
What’s on offer:
• Whole school assemblies to share the story of how Helen’s limiting beliefs of ‘people from West Cumbria can’t become authors’ held her back from achieving her dream of a career in writing for decades.
• KS2 presentation about Helen’s books and author journey which includes how she uses English, maths and IT to run her author business.
• Quiz on animal characters from fiction (KS2).
• Writing workshops (KS2).
• Full day ‘write, edit and market a book’ workshop for Upper KS2
• Behind-the-scenes of her book, ‘A Tale of Two Shoes’ plus writing activity for Year 2. This activity is related to recycling and our responsibilities towards litter.
• Follow up activities to use after a visit are provided.