• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Cumbria Wildlife Trust | Get Cumbria Buzzing

Several KS1 and KS2 workshops

Curriculum Links:

  • Science: Plants/ Animals – including humans / Living things and their habitats / Working Scientifically

Suitable for: KS1 & KS2

Location: Teacher led at school

The CWT also do school visits and are happy to bring packets of wild seeds to help the children understand the importance of pollinators.


‘Get Cumbria Buzzing’ is an education project about pollinators set up by Cumbria Wildlife Trust (CWT). The project aims to work with schools and local communities to create havens for wild pollinators such as bumblebees, butterflies and hoverflies. The education programme will bring fun, engaging, relevant and interesting pollinator science to schools in the local area with strong links to the curriculum.


The CWT Team have developed 2 science teacher packs, available to download on our website



  1. KS1 Teacher pack: Three KS1 lesson plans and activity sheets
  • Meet the pollinators: recognising that there are different types of pollinating insects
  • Parts of an insect: understanding and identifying basic structure and anatomy
  • Butterfly life cycle: understanding and identifying the various stages of insect life cycle
  1. KS2 Teacher pack: Three KS2 lesson plans and activity sheets
  • Introduction to pollination: understanding pollination and how insects are involved
  • Pollination and our food: understanding how pollination is connected to what we eat and identifying a variety of foods that we would not have without the help of insect pollination
  • What do pollinators need? identifying habitat and nutrition required for insect pollinators