• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


KAEFER’s Global Rescue at Seaton Academy

In March 2024, Seaton Academy joined forces with KAEFER to take part in a pilot version of the popular “Scaffold the World” programme called “Global Rescue”. This innovative session was custom-tailored for key stage 1 students, aiming to ignite their curiosity and passion for various career paths.

The event, attended by 63 Year 1 pupils in the morning and 44 Year 2 students in the afternoon, was a dynamic exploration of hands-on activities centred around designing, surveying, safety, and building. Guided by the expertise of KAEFER’s team, these workshops served as a gateway for the young learners to acquire crucial skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Elizabeth Atkinson, the Social Impact Manager, and Sian, a Commercial Assistant from KAEFER, volunteered to deliver the sessions. Reflecting on her experience, Sian shared:

“I have worked for KAEFER a little over a year now as a Commercial Assistant. It was my first-time helping Elizabeth with Scaffold the World – which is a lot different to my job working with numbers and figures on a day to day basis. Everyone at Seaton Academy were welcoming and friendly. The experience helped me gain confidence by helping me step out my comfort zone supporting and helping the little ones get to know about KAEFER and what we do as a company. The children loved the interactive side of it and was lovely to see them all get on board”.

This session was organised by The Primary Business Partnership and delivered by KAEFER.

If you’re interested in bringing a similar session to your school, please reach out to us at rebecca.day@cforlp.org.uk.