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Exciting Math Monopoly Workshop at Lowca Community School!

In February 2024, Lowca Community School welcomed Adam Pattinson, Senior Accounting Manager at Armstrong Watson. Mr. Pattinson led an engaging mathematics workshop with Class 3, utilising the classic board game Monopoly to teach the students fundamental concepts of profit and loss whilst developing key teamworking skills.

The workshop wasn’t just about numbers; it was designed to introduce career paths related to maths and broaden the pupils aspirations. By introducing real-world applications of mathematics and showcasing the role of accounting in business, Mr. Pattinson aimed to inspire the students and expand their horizons. Through practical demonstrations and insightful discussions, the session encouraged the pupils to consider diverse career paths related to mathematics, fostering ambition and curiosity.

“Adam volunteered to run his monopoly session after he had already visited our school to talk about accounting to yr-6 during the practical maths morning that I was running. The children were really excited that he could come back. Adam’s monopoly session really gripped my class’s attention (it’s a mixed y4/5/6 group). Everyone had a role to fulfil and they all loved the game and the added stakes of the accounting skills that Adam introduced. They would love for Adam to come back again, because now they know how to play, they want the extra challenge of adding property to their ‘business’ We hope to see Adam again soon!” Jane Lawson teacher at Lowca Community School

This session was organised by Primary Business Partnership and delivered by Adam Pattinson, Senior Accounting Manager at Armstrong Watson

If you’re interested in booking a similar session for your school, please get in touch with us with rebecca.day@cforlp.org.uk