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Career Stories and Raised Aspirations: Thomlinson Junior School’s Dream BIG Experience

Career Stories and Raised Aspirations: Thomlinson Junior School’s Dream BIG Experience

Yesterday (15th November) Claire delivered another Primary Business Partnership Dream BIG aspiration session for the Year 5 pupils at Thomlinson Junior School.  She was joined by Georgina Porter and Joe Diamany from Futamura, Amaya Munoz from NNL and Stuart Eve from the National Trust who shared their career stories.

Stuart started his career when he was 16 when he joined the Royal Marines. He is now a Chartered Surveyor (& part time baker) and he told the children about their school and how he can recognise that the building was originally built in the gothic style (12th Century) but was then expanded in the Georgian and Victorian times as the school has grown.

Joe works for Futamura and speaks 7 languages!  He works in the Commercial side of the business selling all of Futamura’s products to French speaking countries.  Georgina also works for the same company but is a Mechanical Engineer and is responsible for drawing and designing new parts for the machines that make all the products that Joe sells abroad.

Amaya was born in Spain but now works for the National Nuclear Laboratories. She showed the children how she uses infrared technology and 3D drawings to help her design new structures as part of her job as a Mechanical Engineer.

Mrs Anne Tyson, supply teacher said: “As a teacher of many years experience I understand how children respond positively to information experiences about the real world.  Schools can become almost ‘isolated’ from the outside World.  Sessions like this do have an impact because the volunteers are not linked to the school but real people.”

The children said they found the session: “Inspiring”, “Educational”, “Interesting”, “Fascinating”.

This Dream Big session was organised by Primary Business Partnership delivered by the Centre for Leadership Performance Cumbria generously funded by OneAIM JV and Sellafield Ltd SiX.

If you could spare a couple of hours to help the children of West Cumbria Dream BIG about their futures please get in contact with Rebecca.Day@cforlp.org.uk for more information or sign up as a volunteer: CLICK HERE