• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


What would your Dream Job be?

This is what we asked the children of Oughterside Primary School last week when Primary Business Partnership delivered a Dream Job session with Steph Armstrong from the Department for Work and Pensions.

The children got an opportunity to guess the kind of things it was Steph did at work and what sort of skills were required, they were fascinated to discover her boss was the Prime Minister!

While the children were all dressed up in Red for the Chinese New Year so it seemed apt to explore their own fortunes. The children thought about their own dream job, what skills they might require and what they might need to do to achieve it. Then we had some fun thinking about some of the best jobs in the World, I think everyone pretty much fancied a stint as Chocolate Taster!

The children split into smaller groups for the second part of the session where they were tasked with a construction challenge. The children experienced team work developed their communication, negotiation, planning, working under pressure and delivering skills all while having fun at the same time.

The kids really enjoyed today and got a great deal from it. The solutions they came up with and the way they thought about the future was really interesting to listen to and watch. Hopefully it has given the kids something to think about and aspire to”.  Mrs Sarah Jardine, Head Teacher, Oughterside Primary School

If you’d like to book one of these sessions in your school or if you’d like to offer to come along like Steph and share information about your career and where you work, please get in touch with the Primary Business Partnership team
Melanie.wheatley@pbp.org.uk  or Claire.johnson@pbp.org.uk 

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