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The World of manufacturing coming to a school near you.

Following recent training from Red Pike Education, Claire and Melanie from Primary Business Partnership jumped in at the deep end with a whole day of Contract to Cube-it at St Begh’s Catholic Junior School in Whitehaven.

The workshop is very practical and gives the children the opportunity to set up their own manufacturing business producing cubes. The aim is for students to recognise and stimulate how businesses add value, the session is full of opportunities to enhance mathematical skills and in addition to this the teams have to learn to develop their skills in communication, team work, problem solving and decision making.

When the incentive is money (not real I’m afraid) there was no stopping the children and the classroom became a frantic trading floor for who could make and sell cubes faster.

The cubes are really tricky to build and in the first couple of minutes you can sense the feeling in the classroom that this is an impossible task. However, it’s amazing to witness, the children persevere and most children get it in the main and if they don’t, they find a part of the production line they can contribute to. They learn very quickly that as a team they all have a part to play and some even spent time designing posters and creating logos, it’s a very inclusive workshop”. explained Melanie.

If you want to support us as a business volunteer with this workshop or would like us to deliver this in your school do get in touch.

melanie.wheatley@pbp.org.uk  or Claire.johnson@pbp.org.uk

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