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Resources to share

While we are no longer out and about we are still here finding ways of supporting schools and businesses during these uncertain times. We hope to be able to continue our service in some form over these next few months, to produce helpful resources and contacts and help you plan ahead for later in the year when normality resumes.

We will be using this time to make sure we are working with businesses to develop offerings and activites ready for September.

We would like to hear from you if you have any ideas on how we can improve this service for your school?

Do you have any ideas of the best ways we can help your school forge greater links with local businesses?

Is there something we can help you with now?

For now here are some useful resources we’ve come across:

Tullie House have a variety of online activities including a virtual Easter Egg Hunt, starting on FB at 14.00 on Monday 13th April.

Resilience support for children during the Covid-19 outbreak

Local business, Chance Camp offering free sporty activities on line

Kreative Kidz Cumbria, set up by a local STEM Ambassador and an Artist to provide free learning resources during this period in all subjects.

Maths activities with Carol Vorderman

English Lessons online

DIY and experiments from the Met Office

Range of free teaching resources from UK parliament

Money based activities from Natwest

DigVenturers – How to do Archaeology  – free course starts 14.04.20

Free resources for Science from Whizzpopbang

Smallpiece Trust – Ideas and Activities on their FB page. For 50 years the SPT have been giving young people everything they need to fuel their passion for engineering.

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