• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Reach for the Sky

That’s what the students of Allonby Primary were aiming for when they were set the challenge of building the tallest tower out of Lego during a Dream Job session.

And to give them the best chance ever we took in our very own Civil Engineer, Vasileios Tsepis from Sellafield Ltd.

First we got the children to think about their own Dream Jobs, the sky’s the limit and in Allonby’s case it really was, with a number of the children wanting to be pilots! We then tested them on a whole variety of jobs – highest earning, most dangerous, most wanted and the jobs their parents want them to do and why. We talked about our own jobs and Vasileois explained how he’d followed his dream job to the UK leaving his home, Greece, behind. The children were really engaged, the activity threw up lots of questions and as a group we pondered the future and the kind of jobs that might exist.

One pupil wrote afterwards “I loved the lesson because it was so so so fun

Once the Lego part of the session began, Vasileios was in demand, his knowledge in design, construction and health and safety came into it’s own during this activity and the children were keen to take on board his tips in an effort to be crowned winner of the tallest tower.

The students enjoyed the session,
“It was the best session ever because we built with Lego”

A big thanks to Vasileois and to the children of Allonby a really fantastic session.

If you’d like to book one of these sessions in your school or if you’d like to offer to come along and talk about your job and support the workshop please get in touch with the Primary Business Partnership team
Melanie.wheatley@pbp.org.uk  or Claire.johnson@pbp.org.uk 

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