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Pupils at Eaglesfield Paddle Primary School learn paper making from leading paperboard company Iggesund

Pupils from year 1 & 2 at Eaglesfield Paddle Primary School had a fascinating morning today, gaining an insight into just what goes into making paper from Chris Sutcliffe and Nikita Huddart from Iggesund in Workington. The children got to hear all about the paper making process and how the paperboard was made at their Iggesund factory from log delivery right through to learning about how it turns into the thick paperboard and what it was used for. Their teacher, Mrs Sally Page, wanted this to bring to life their topic work, which was looking at everyday materials and their properties.

This workshop was coordinated through the Primary Business Partnership, an initiative setup and funded by OneAIM. The Primary Business Partnership inspires the next generation of young people by connecting primary schools throughout Allerdale and Copeland with local businesses.

Luke Richardson, Social Impact Manager for OneAIM said: “This visit is just one example of the way that the Primary Business Partnership helps to match primary schools with local businesses who can offer career/enterprise related activities to the next generation. Our job is really to listen to schools and businesses, match them carefully and then help bring them together with the minimum fuss. That means the schools, businesses and, most importantly, students benefit from our service.”

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