• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Opportunity for your own tailor-made Art project – Widening Horizons

Widening Horizons

The Widening Horizons Collective is a trio of individual professional artists who work together in collaborative creative projects, designed to engage, inspire and raise aspirations of children and young people.

“We all have years of experience of working creatively with children and young people in schools and community settings,” said Nicki, ”and the impact of Covid restrictions on how artists engage with schools, has got us thinking creatively too.”

At St Mary’s Primary School in Morecambe the artists were recently able to engage with and inspire all the children in school through their Widening Horizons aspirations project. Nicki with artists Priscilla Edwards and Christine Stanford encouraged the children to create artwork which then inspired the artists to make tailor-made films to inspire the children. “We had all been inspired by artist Tony Hart on the TV when we were children which raised our aspirations so we hoped our films showing how we create artwork could inspire the children in school now,” explains Nicki. ‘It did! Having seen the films made especially for them, it inspired everyone, the school ran a very successful Art Week and would like to collaborate with us on further project opportunities.”

Please see the new Youtube link to the Widening Horizons art films made during this exciting project, which you are welcome to share with your staff and children in your schools:


If you would like to find out more about how the Widening Horizons Collective could tailor-make an Art project for your school, please contact Nicki on 07769 185057 nsmithart@btinternet.com or info@wideninghorizons.co.uk

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