• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


National Careers Week 2022

It might not be career advice at this stage in their lives, but exploring what work is with young children is set to make a difference. Getting them to think about how different jobs link in with their learning and introducing the children to a variety of individuals supports their development, increases motivation, challenges gender stereotyping about jobs and school subjects builds confidence and resilience and raises aspirations.

This week Primary Business Partnership have been busy celebrating National Careers Week 2022.  There have been activities happening up and down the region.

The team along with Lucy Dunn from the Lake District Wildlife Park, Dave Jackson from Civil Nuclear Constabulary and Nicky Williams from Oaktree Animals Charity went into Eaglesfield Paddle Primary this week to chat about careers that involve working with animals in one of our Dream BIG sessions.

Dave Jackson from Civil Nuclear Constabulary

“It’s great to inspire the children that there are roles in Cumbria but also not to be restricted in what is possible. They can go anywhere in the world! Thank you to the PBP for organising this session.”  Miss Swinbank, Eaglesfield Paddle School.


Cath Howard from BEPDT

Lucy from the Lake District Wildlife Park was “Amazed how engaged the children were. They were all interested in how we can all have a different journey to enable our dreams.”

Victoria Junior School also invited us in to deliver a Career day with their Y6 classes.  Alisha said “I liked learning about different jobs and its given me some ideas about what I want to do in the future”.  The children were joined by Nicola Gorrill from All together Cumbria, Taylor Neyliss & Erika Graham Jones from Sellafield Ltd., Cath Howard BEPDT and Edward Evans from the Cumbria Wildlife Trust who all took part by sharing their career journeys to inspire the children to Dream Big.  

Miss Charters and Mrs Altinay said “It’s good for the children to find out that there are lots of different options in life and to see that local people can succeed.  The PBP programme has ensured that our pupils meet positive local roles models and helps them to understand that they can do it too.”

Taylor Neyliss, now a commissioning technician (mechanical) at Sellafield Limited, used to go to Victoria Junior school and signed up to become a SkillsBlox Advisor for the Junior and Infants.  She wanted to show the current pupils that anything is possible and to inspire the pupils to believe in themselves and let them know that they can all succeed.

If you’d like to share your career story and help to inspire the next generation then get in touch.  Rebecca.day@pbp.org.uk or Claire.johnson@pbp.org.uk

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