• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Local Entrepreneurs and author help the children at Valley Primary school to dream BIG!

Adam Ross (AS Designs), Gerard Richardson (Richardsons of Whitehaven) and Julia Myerscough (Jelf Insurance) shared their career journeys with the children of valley Primary School in Whitehaven.

Adam was unsure what he wanted to do when he left school and his love of Motorcross and design inspired him to start his own business. He started making stickers for the Motorcross bikes in his bedroom 11 years ago and now runs a successful printing business based in Cleator Moor.

Julia told the children about her varied career from working as a checkout girl in Woolworths to writing a novel and how she has used her love of French to further her career. Gerard talked about his time spent working in the Royal Air Force, as a Fireman to now owning his own shop in Whitehaven.

The children asked some fantastic questions and the volunteers gave them lots to think about, they learnt that they can ASPIRE to do whatever they want with their lives. If they work hard they can achieve their goals.

It is never too early to starting thinking about the key skills needed to do your dream job and at the end of the session some of the children got a chance to be interviewed for their prefect job. The children were all fantastic and gave some great answers although their was some discussion over whether McDonalds or KFC was the best!!!

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