• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Live Q&A Sessions

We are currently looking at how we can still run some of these sessions taking into account the present situation. We still have volunteers lined up and want to be able to support the schools in the best way possible. If you’d like any of these events on different dates or times or something similar just let us know. We don’t want the current situation to impact further on our children so if you’d like something a little different and we can help with any planning, event or activity please let us know melanie.wheatley@pbp.org.uk or rebecca.smallwood@pbp.org.uk

Volunteers needed for these sessions. An opportunity for the children to question professionals live.  What does it take to do your job? Do you have a job you love and can share that passion and enthusiasm with the children, help to encourage them to see the possibilities and the future they could have. Do you work in a role where you can share how equality and diversity works in your business? We want to highlight how important this is in the workplace and society. Maybe you work in the Health or Environment industry and can share what it’s like.  Take a look at the volunteering opportuntities below and get in touch if you can help with these sessions or have ideas for other sessions we could offer to schools.

We’re looking for volunteers for an hour to join us live online, share your career story, your academic path, your passions, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and failures with primary school children. This session is fully facilitated by us, we’ll give the children the opportunity to ask you questions, play some games and help the children explore the opportunities that lie ahead.

For more information on volunteering please view our volunteering page here.

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