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International Day of Persons with disabilities – Friday 3rd December

The idea behind the day is to celebrate the achievements of people with disabilities around the world as well as promoting the rights of people with disabilities. It also seeks to increase awareness and celebrate the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive society.

This day is an opportunity to consider the barriers that people with disabilities face, whether it’s physical or mental and how we can help and encourage ways to remove these. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of people who have disabilities.

In 2021, the theme for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is ‘Not All Disabilities are Visible’. Some disabilities, like mental health disorders, chronic pain and fatigue, are invisible – but that does not make them any less devastating to someone’s quality of life.  

This year Primary Business Partnership facilitated a number of live Q&A sessions reaching over 1000 primary school children across Allerdale and Copeland.

In one of our sessions Andy Barrow, Paralympian shared his story from playing rugby, suffering a spinal-cord injury, months of rehabilitation to how his life was transformed when he discovered wheelchair rugby. We also ran a session with Sellafield’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team which was very well received where volunteers with dyslexia and autism shared their career journeys with children from primary schools.

How are you celebrating the 3rd December in your workplace or school, let us know?

If you are a business or a volunteer, can you spare some time to volunteer to share your story? Everyone has a story, share yours and make the next generation feel more confident about their future.

If you’re a school and want to get involved with sessions like the ones described above then get in touch. Email claire.johnson@pbp.org.uk or rebecca.day@pbp.org.uk

Some great resources to use in the classroom.


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