• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Guess who designed Submarines?

It’s been a week full of inspiration and BIG Dreams with another Aspiration Session this time at St Bridget’s Catholic Primary School in Egremont.

Business volunteer, Dawn Watson from Sellafield Ltd. explained she once helped design submarines. At school she loved doing quizzes and puzzles which fuelled her passion in the sciences and solution seeking. At home, she’s out and about either on her motorbike or on a horse and combines science and creativity in the kitchen by baking and decorating cakes.

“I thought the session was really good, I think that it was great to see that so many children at that age are able to see past school and into the future, and that the majority of them seemed to be looking to further or higher education after secondary school.” Dawn Watson

Cath Wilson from Lakes College shared with the children how hard she’d found it studying for A levels and how she decided to take another pathway which led her to excelling as an Estate Agent. Having reached her potential in this career she decided to join the police and went onto become a Police Sergeant. Cath went on to make another career change to fit in with life at home and now works at the Lakes College.

Adapting skills and experience to opportunities is something our other business volunteer, Harriet Chappell is familiar with. Having worked in broadcasting across the country including London she decided that the early starts for morning television wasn’t compatible with having a young family. Her presenting and communication skills have been developed on another level and she now works as a Pilates Teacher in Cockermouth and a Healthy Lifestyles Educator for PhunkyFoods.

Thank you to all our volunteers for sharing their stories and to the children of St Bridget’s Catholic Primary School for inviting us in.

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