• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Do you want to be a Professional Cuddler or Chocolate Taster?

The children at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Cleator Moor learnt about the most dangerous and best jobs in the world.

Earlier this week the children at St Patricks’s Catholic Primary were joined by Primary Business partnership and Eagan Carson-Walker and Alicia Teasdale from Sellafield to talk about different types of jobs.

The children were encouraged to dream BIG, to think about their dream job, tempted by a chocolate tasting role? Maybe sleeping is your thing and you could test out mattresses? Or maybe you’re adrenalin fuelled and a water slide tester is the role for you? These questions got the children thinking and talking about what it is they’d like to do, what are they good at and what do they love doing now. We talked about the most dangerous jobs in the World, the best jobs, the jobs of the future and the jobs that earn the most money.

After all the talk about jobs it was time to get down to something practical. It’s Lego time! The children were split into groups and challenged with a variety of design and constructing tasks all set to a timer. Creativity and energy along with team work, communication and problem-solving skills got the challenges off to a good start but it was the design, construction and attention to detail that set the winners apart.

After the session some of the children said:
I really liked it and it inspired me to more confident about the future. 
I felt it was very good and taught me that teamwork is always the best”. 

If you are a school wanting to run a similar session, or a business willing to volunteer to deliver a similar session, please contact the Primary Business Partnership team on 01900 824822 or Melanie.wheatley@pbp.org.uk  or Claire.johnson@pbp.org.uk 

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