• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Coming Home to Cumbria

Last week saw the Primary Business Partnership facilitate an Aspiration Session with business volunteers from the local area at Ewanrigg Junior School, Maryport.

After setting sail to see the World while in the Royal Marines, local lad, Stuart Eve returned to Cumbria to work and last week shared his career journey with the children at Ewanrigg Junior School.

“The aspiration session was hugely rewarding and I felt grateful to spend time at Ewanrigg school, particularly as Maryport is my home town. The children were brilliant, bright, funny and engaged – a credit to the school, their parents and Maryport”

Sara Lamb, now works for RPS but she shared her education and went to school with Ewanrigg headmistress Miss Craig. Unlike Miss Craig, Sara wasn’t sure what she wanted to be when she grew up and her first job was as a dental nurse, since then her journey has been varied, interesting and challenging. It’s been learning all the way, but the skills she’s learnt in each job have been useful in the next.

Elliot Routledge also hails from Cumbria and is currently doing electrical design at LLWR. His dedication and talent led him to swim for the North West of England, an inspiring story for those who have hobbies they love and illustrates how skills are developed from hobbies too that can be used in whichever career path you choose.

Thank you to the school for making us feel so welcome, to the school rabbits for their contribution, the amazing children and to all our business volunteers.

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