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Booklet Launch – Planet One – The Story of Energy

Arup Employees, Lewis Bawden and Matthew Henry called into Valley Primary School, Whitehaven this month to hand out some fantastic booklets, Planet One – The Story of Energy. As part of their social impact work they purchased 200 booklets to hand out to schools.

The booklets have been put together by Nuclear Graduates and tell a tale of inhabitants from a faraway planet, one that has used up all it’s natural resources and is rapidly being destroyed. The inhabitants travel to our planet to learn how we keep Earth beautiful and we also learn how to look after our planet and avoid the same fate.

The story is punctuated with explanations, key words and descriptions of careers related to the industry. It explains how different energy sources work, environmental and sustainability aspects surrounding the energy sources and interactive pages to engage the reader to think more about energy generation and the future of our Earth.

Before handing out the booklets, Lewis and Matthew took time out of their busy schedules to present to the children a snapshot of the kind of work they are involved in and chat about the kind of careers that exist in the industry.

Lewis, who is also a STEM Ambassador explained

 “it was the first time for me presenting in a primary school and I was surprised at all the questions the children asked”.

“It’s great to see business volunteers giving up their time to explain to children how the Energy Industry works, the children were really engaged and keen to understand what happens on their doorstep, to hear from people who work in it first hand is invaluable”
remarks Melanie Wheatley, Primary Business Partnership.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the booklets contact James Hawco james.hawco@nucleargrads.com .

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