• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Bassenthwaite Careers Day

Imagine an Owl working in Design or Hospitality, ok maybe not the owl but if you’ve got the same personality traits then these could be the career paths you might choose.

This imaginative and engaging workshop, ‘Animal Me’ was delivered by Elizabeth and Jasmine from Kaefer and launched an exciting Career day at Bassenthwaite School last week. The children aged between 5-11 examined their own personality traits, were matched with an animal and then discussed how these traits might lead to different career pathways.

“The children really enjoyed finding out what animal they were and the types of jobs they were suited to”  S Royle, Headteacher at Bassenthwaite School.

Meanwhile the infants played guess my job with midwife, Kate Green, Shelley Collins from Bean on the Fells, pilot Dave Harbourne and Adam Collum, a caravan engineer at Threlkeld Hall Leisure Vehicle Services.

“Thanks for asking me along. It was great fun and I’m glad it stopped raining so everyone could enjoy their hot chocolate outside. ” Shelley Collins, Bean on the Fells.

After lunch the infants played the Animal Me game and the Juniors were set the task of setting up their own manufacturing business by James Kuechel from Red Pike Education, if you stumbled in after 2pm you might have mistaken the class room for a trading floor as the children battled to capture the market and sell their product.

 “All the children were fully engaged and the activity promoted team work and co-operation” S Royle, Head teacher at Bassenthwaite School

 My two haven’t stopped talking about it!! “, a parent.

The day was a resounding success, lots of fun, learning and plenty of questions.

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