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Working in a kitchen

Working in a kitchen

What roles are there within a kitchen?

  • Head chef – is in charge of the kitchen and is responsible for all aspects of food production, including menu planning, purchasing, costing, planning work schedules and hygiene.
  • Sous chef – is the second in command is responsible for food production and day to day supervision of the staff.
  • Pastry chef – makes all of the pastries and desserts for the kitchen
  • Sauce chef – makes all of the sauces and stews in the kitchen
  • Vegetable Chef (Enremetier) – prepares all of the vegetables
  • Comis chef – a junior member of the kitchen staff who helps in all areas of the kitchen and is maybe training to become a head chef.
  • Kitchen porter – Cleans up after the chefs, does the washing and carries goods to and from the store.

What skills and qualities are required to work in a kitchen?

  • Time management is important to make sure food is prepared on time and in the correct order for service
  • Organisation helps with timing to ensure the dish is served on time and also ensures that the correct amount of food is ordered
  • Creativeness is important to help develop new recipes and impress the customer via the presentation of the food on the plate
  • Preparation, like weighing and measuring, ensures a high quality dish is produced
  • Cooking, including in-depth knowledge of various methods will enable a variety of dishes to be produced.
  • Attention to detail means the food is prepared to a high standard
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure will help to produce dishes to a high quality