• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


What is a SkillsBlox Advisor?

What is a SkillsBlox Advisor?

“seeing the enthusiasm and smiles together with the abundance of questions throughout the session was truly uplifting – a great way to spend a morning’s work, aspiring the next generation to follow their dreams and opening their minds to the differing pathways to get there. I would definitely recommend more local businesses to get involved – you won’t be disappointed.” Volunteer on PBP project

“It also offers a great development opportunity for our staff to grow their confidence, presentation skills, communication and networking abilities.” Volunteer on PBP project

The SkillsBlox programme was developed by the Centre for Leadership Performance (CforLP) and delivered by the Primary Business Partnership (PBP) thanks to Sellafield Ltd SIX – Social Impact Multiplied programme funding to deliver a long-term programme into schools.

The SkillsBlox programme is a bespoke toolkit consisting of age-appropriate workshops to help primary pupils across Cumbria to identify and build the skills which will enable our young people to flourish in the future, whichever pathways they choose. The toolkit has been built around Tony Wagner’s – 7 Skills for the Future which were outlined in his book The Global Achievement Gap. These skills are:

  • Collaboration and Leading by Influence – good leader / team player
  • Agility and Adaptability – being adaptable to change
  • Curiosity and Imagination – being curious and imaginative
  • Good Oral and Written Communication – being a good communicator
  • Accessing and Analysing Information – being good at using information
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – being a Problem Solver
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship – being full of ideas


What are we looking for?

We want you to help support a primary school through the SkillsBlox programme, provide a link between the school and your company and help inspire the next generation of west Cumbrians to DREAM BIG!

We want:

  • Professionals from any industry to volunteer to work with primary aged children and raise awareness of career opportunities
  • Enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about supporting and inspiring the next generation
  • Volunteers who can engage with their local business networks to help support the SkillsBlox workshops throughout the academic year
  • Volunteers who can engage with their networks to enable the pupils to gain a wide perspective of different career opportunities available to them
  • Volunteers who can attend 3 x 30-minute virtual CPD’s to learn about the resources for that term. 

We anticipate that the role will involve about 2/3 hours support per term, either face-to-face visits, virtual calls or using your network to help find volunteers for the scheduled workshops.  

All resources are FREE and full training will be provided.  Each resource will contain:

  • A lesson plan, detailing the timings and resources needed to support the session
  • Activity sheets, if required, to be printed by the school
  • PowerPoint presentations – to be used to support the workshops, if required.  All can be adapted to your own company needs
  • Films – for teachers/volunteers and to show to the pupils before the workshop
  • Award certificates – to be given out as required
  • SkillsBlox stickers – to be given out as required to share success
  • SkillsBlox passports for all pupils – to stick in activity sheets, stickers and to reflect on what they have learnt.


Why should you become a SkillsBlox Advisor?

  • Volunteering opportunities can help you to develop new skills. For example, managing a volunteering project is a great opportunity for you to develop communication, leadership and project planning skills as well as improving confidence
  • Volunteering in your local or child’s school has a range of benefits from getting to know the teachers and staff to, becoming more involved in your local community
  • Volunteering increases employee engagement, providing the chance for your employees to give back to the community boosts employee engagement, and engaged employees are happier and more productive.
  • Build strong working relationships with your local school or college and provide insight into your organisation and industry.
  • Help to inspire the next generation of west Cumbrians to understand their own strengths and to help them link the world of work to their classroom learning.

Get in touch to find out more claire.johnson@pbp.org.uk