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Topic Support

Topic Support

The Primary Business Partnership provides topic support for schools and collaborates with local business volunteers to bring topic work to life.  If you would like to run these sessions in school you can download the session plans and resources below. If you require any support or would like support on a different topic please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fire Safety Talks

The Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service are currently running virtual Fire Safety talks to all schools across Cumbria.

Children and young people can be vulnerable in an emergency situation. Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service strive to minimise the risk to them by delivering a series of workshops suitable for all primary school aged children.  The complete list of workshops are listed below (please note that some workshops are to specific to certain times of the year:

Download Presentation

Covered in this section:

  • What is fire?
  • What are the causes of fire?
  • What is a smoke detector? – Do YOU have one?
  • How to prevent a fire
  • Creating a fire action plan for your home
  • What types of incidents does the fire service attend?


Download Presentation

Great Fire Of London

Explore firefighting in the 17th century compared to the present day

Bonfire Night Fireworks Bright Sparx KS2

    • Why we have bonfire night and fireworks
    • The firework code
    • How to keep yourself and others safe

KS1 Presentation

KS2 Presentation

  • Explores the dangers of frozen lakes/rivers
  • What to do if you see someone in difficulty

Bonfire Night Safety Presentation

    • History of bonfire night and Guy Fawkes
    • Dangers of bonfires
    • Dangers of sparklers and fireworks
    • How to keep safe

Currently all bookings will be for virtual workshops, however, we the Fire Service are hoping that soon they will be back out again into the community to be able to offer face to face school visits.

To register your interest in any of the above workshops please contact: Will Richardson by clicking here.

Water Safety Video

The Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service have also produced a water safety video that you can view below.

Florence Nightingale Week


In September 2020 we ran a virtual Florence Nightingale week across 4 Primary Schools: Flimby, Dearham, Arlecdon and Thornhill, reaching 394 children.

Volunteers from Business Toolbox Cumbria, Mott MacDonald, Red Pike Education and Sellafield Ltd  developed workshops that took children on a journey which started 200 years ago with the birth of Florence to the current day with the building of the new Nightingale Hospitals used to help with the Coronavirus outbreak.

You can download the week overview here.

Session plans and resources can be downloaded from the expandable sections below.

Day 1

Session 1 – Session plan. Welcome and Introduction to Florence Nightingale Download here.

Download all resources for session 1 here.

Kahoot quiz of Florence Nightingale Quiz made by Flimby Primary. Link here.

Session 2- Session plan. Florence Nightingale Rose Chart by Red Pike Education Download here.

Download all resources for session 2 here.


Day 2

Session 3- Session plan. Design a Nightingale Hostpital by Mott Macdonald  Download here.

Download all resources for session 3 here.

Session 4- Session plan. History of the Great Plague, Dena Forsyth Download here.

Download all resources for session 4 here.


Day 3

Session 5- Live Q and A- Please contact us if you would like to arrange this in your school.

Download all resources for session 5 here.

Session 6- Session plan. Marketing and promoting good hygiene, Buisness Toolbox Cumbria Download here.

Download all resources for session 6 here.


Day 4

Session 7- Session Plan. Letter to a Medical Worker and Design an award for our Key workers. Download here.

Download all resources for session 7 here.

Session 8- Session plan. Lady with the Lamp Workshop.  Download here.

Download all resources for session 8 here.

Day 5

Dress up day (either related to Florence, the war or the medical profession)

Round up video can be downloaded here.


We would love to hear from you if have run this week in school and send us pictures of the children taking part in the activities! info@pbp.org.uk