• Helping Cumbrian Primary school children to Dream BIG.


Richmond Hill School Inspired by Dream Jobs Workshop

Richmond Hill School recently took part in a Dream Jobs workshop for 23 enthusiastic Year 4 students. With the support of Altrad Babcock and organised by the PBP, the event aimed to ignite excitement about future career possibilities. STEM Ambassador Bill Leslie-Miller led the workshop, which explored various jobs, including the best, most dangerous, and those potentially taken over by robots. The session also featured a lively Lego activity designed to promote teamwork, communication, and creativity.

Leslie-Miller, Recruitment Programme Manager and STEM Ambassador at Altrad Babcock, shared his motivation for participating, saying, “It is crucial to me as a STEM ambassador that all children are given every opportunity to aspire to reach for their dream career choice, and that stereotypes are challenged. It is also great fun!”

Reflecting on the impact of the workshop, Leslie-Miller expressed, “I felt the children enjoyed it, were educated by it, and it opened their minds to our industry and other jobs/careers. They can actually achieve anything they want.”

The Lego session stood out as a creative and team-building highlight, with Leslie-Miller noting, “LEGO!”

He commended the students for their excellent performance, stating, “The pupils were a credit to the school, they were good listeners, and performed well in their teams to achieve their tasks.”

If you could spare a couple to help inspire the next generation of West Cumbrians, please get in contact with Rebecca.Day@cforlp.org.uk for more information or sign up as a volunteer: https://lnkd.in/eiwx6ea9