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Primary Pupils Given a Glimpse into the Working World

Pupils at Grasslot Infant School were given a glimpse into the working world this week as they were visited by local volunteers and given an insight into their different careers.

Visitors included Beth Nicholls, Communications & Development Manager from PPM Ltd, Jonathan Stewart, Chief Inspector for Community Engagement Events from Civil Nuclear Constabulary, and Samuel Steele, a Community Beat Officer from Cumbria Police.

The session, which was arranged through Primary Business Partnership, saw the children trying to guess what job each of the volunteers did based on the equipment they brought with them.

Jon Stewart, Chief Inspector for Community Engagement Events for Civil Nuclear Constabulary, said: I like to do these sessions because I want to change the negative image that is sometimes associated with the police.

“I want let children know from an early age that the police are here to help them and keep them safe, I ultimately want them to run towards us when they are in trouble not run away.”

After guessing what job each volunteer did, the children got to find out more about each job and even got to meet CNC’s police dogs, try on hard hats, and sit in the police van.

Zine Brew, from Grasslot Infant School, said: “We all had a fantastic morning, the children enjoyed finding out about the different jobs and it definitely improved some of their questioning skills.”

The Primary Business Partnership provides a free matchmaking service between primary schools and businesses in Allerdale and Copeland. The aim is to inspire the next generation of young people by helping primary schools and businesses work together.

If you’d like to find out more about Primary Business Partnership and how you can get involved, whether you are a business or a school, get in touch with Rebecca Day by emailing: rebecca.day@pbp.org.uk.

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