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How to create a quiz about your business or industry.

How to create a quiz about your business or industry.

The Primary Business Partnership has surveyed families across West Cumbria to find out what support they would like with Home Learning and activities during this period of time, we have received over 250 responses.

55% indicated that online and interactive quizzes created by local businesses and companies would be well received and a useful activity for children during this time. This would also be a useful resource for schools in the future.


To develop a series of business quizzes for children aged 7 – 11 years (KS2) The PBP would promote these to parents via our own website, social media and though the schools we work with. Schools could also use these as a resource.

The quiz would be linked to a specific area of industry and the children would be required to research the answers to the questions in their own time.

The children would submit their answers via an online quiz sheet, the link would be on the Primary Business Partnership website


  • Please provide a short-written overview of your business
  • 10 – 20 questions (with the answers) that link to your business or area of industry for example:
  • Any links to websites or resources for the answers or a written piece of information which contains the answers as the children will need to be able to find these. REMEMBER the questions should be fun and be suitable to for 7 11year olds

Some Examples to help you:

Factual questions about your company for example

  1. When were you established?
  2. How many employees do you have?
  3. What do you do or make?

Questions might link to the products you make or the service you provide for example

  1. What raw materials do you use?
  2. What are the uses for the product or service?
  3. Where it is sold?
  4. Who do you supply or who is the customer?

Questions could also focus on skills and qualities needed to do some of the job roles in your business or could feature a key job in your business.

How to send these:

Please send your questions as a word document. The PBP will format the question sheets to use on the website.
Please include a copy of your logo on the document and any other pictures you would like to include. A photo and the name of the person or people who produced the quiz would also be good.

Any further questions or help needed please contact: nicola.woolley@cforlp.org.uk