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Have you ever thought about working in the hospitality or catering industry?

Have you ever thought about working in the hospitality or catering industry?

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest employers in West Cumbria and many of you might know of friends or family who work in this job sector.

There are loads of different careers within the hospitality industry so if you fancy becoming a chef, a porter, a waiter, an event organiser or manage a whole chain of hotels there might be a job for you.

From career cards to quizzes this page gives you resources on the gardening and horticultural industry. Check back regularly as we update this page with more resources.


Over the next few weeks, we want to inspire you to think about your food, where it comes from, how to cook it, how to put ingredients together and come up with your favourite family recipe for under £7.50.  The competition starts on the 8th July and runs right through to the end of October, so plenty of time to get creative. For more information and how to enter click here.

Throughout the competition, we want to introduce you to various people who work within the local hospitality industry to show you all of the fantastic jobs that you might be able to do when you leave school.  We will be sharing these hospitality career cards over the period of the competition.

Find out more about working within a kitchen.

Find out more about working in the Food and Beverage Service Industry.

Career Cards

Download our career cards below to find out more about how people got into this industry.

Additional Activities

Phunky foods have a range of home learning resources which they are updating weekly. From worksheets about healthy eating to recipes and exercises to try out. To find out more please go to this website.