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Do you work in the catering, hospitality or food supply industry?

Do you work in the catering, hospitality or food supply industry?

Over the lockdown period one of the favourite activities for lots of children has been cooking or baking at home with the families, although sometimes it has not been easy to find ingredients.

The Primary Business Partnership are challenging Primary school-aged children across Allerdale and Copeland to send in a great recipe that can be made for under £7.50, they don’t need to make it just send the details of the recipe, including a  cost breakdown, nutritional information and also answer 3 easy questions linked to cookery or the hospitality industry.

 As the focus of the Primary Business Partnership is to support Career- led learning, during the two weeks we would like to focus on jobs, careers and businesses in the catering, hospitality and food supply industry which we can then share as a series of Career Cards on our website, social media and also use in the cookery book that will be created with the children’s recipes.  

The competition will be open from the 8th until the end of August 2020. To find out more and enter click here.

In order to create the Career Cards please could you send:

•             Name

•             Company you work for and Job Title

•             A Picture of yourself and pictures related to your work

•             Your organisations Logo

•             If local (Allerdale or Copeland) – tell us what Primary school did you attend?

And answer the below questions

1.            What does your company do?

2.            How do you help with that?

3.            Describe a typical day

4.            Name 3 key qualities/qualifications you need to do your job?

5.            What is the coolest part of your job?

6.            What other jobs have you had?

7.            Who inspired you to do your current job?

8.            What did you want to do as a job when you were at Primary school?

9.            What is your favourite food and why?

10.          Can you provide your favourite recipe (needs to be costed at under £7.50)

If you have any other photo’s you’d like to share from your work please do.

Send the above information to nicola.woolley@cforlp.org.uk or if you have any questions you can email or contact Nicola on 07917415322