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Contract to Cube-it

Congratulations to St Mary’s Catholic School, Harrington who took on the challenge to experience the Contract to Cube-it workshop.

A huge thank you to Steph Armstrong from Department of Works & Pension who volunteered to help.

Another fantastic session with Primary Business Partnership at St Mary’s Primary, Harrington – Contract to Cube-It – promoting a broad range of mathematical and business skills, with a healthy mix of competition and collaboration between teams. They used materials to build simple cubes and structures and buying and selling items to make a profit. The children worked well in their respective teams and were a credit to the school”.

Helen Bennett, from the school explains, “The event was well led and very informative. This was a tricky challenge but ALL children managed to make the cubes including our SENDs Children, and all used their own particular skills to contribute to completing their challenges as a team”.

It’s a challenging workshop, but one that is so rewarding and leaves plenty of room for all to find a role and a purpose within the team. Here’s what the children thought,

I think it went well because we all had different jobs

I was a bit frustrated about it at first but then I got it” 

I felt proud because we made C model. It was hard

And it wasn’t just the children who gained from the workshop.

 “All staff thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. It has given us all ideas to use in the class in the future”.  Jonathan Graham, teacher at St Mary’s Primary School.

The workshop developed with Red Pike Education, is a great session promoting mathematical and business skills with a healthy mix of competition and collaboration with teams.

If you’d like to book this session, volunteer to support or borrow a resource box and access the lesson plan and deliver yourselves get in touch with the Primary Business Partnership team.
Melanie.wheatley@pbp.org.uk  or Claire.johnson@pbp.org.uk 

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