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Gamify your career learning with Panjango Trumps! Details


Panjango Trumps is the fun way for young people to explore the world of work and is a perfect introduction to careers for children in primary schools.

The game includes 50 different career trump cards with ratings for Brain Power, Physical Effort, Social Good, Study & Training, Average Salary and Robot Risk! Each card also comes with a Job Description and a Fun Fact to bring each of the careers to life.

The benefits of using Panjango Trumps include:

  • making career learning fun and interactive
  • opening minds to exciting new career opportunities
  • helping young people understand the social value of different careers
  • developing an understanding of the risk of automation on careers
  • pro-actively challenging gender stereotypes

The trumps pack also includes a blank template allowing young people to create their own career trump cards, as well as 8 other fun mini games and exercises to extend their career learning in fun and engaging ways.

The game can be played by up to 6 players and is suitable for young people of all ages.

Also take a look at the new Panjango board game - it is suitable for most children aged 8 and over.

There is also the Panjango Online platform (free to use at It has a filter system so you can get it to display only those challenges suitable for primary school children.

Panjango — connecting learning to life

Young people can often find career learning dull and, more broadly, they can fail to understand how their learning will be used in life after school. 

Our fun games and resources give learning real world context, help children to think about their future and better prepare them for life after school.

So here are 4 ways you can connect learning to life and make it fun for children to explore the world of work...

1 The Panjango Game

A fast-moving board game exploring the world of work. This competitive and cooperative game is filled with quick-fire challenges that help children think about their future as they develop key skills for life. 

  • includes 24 challenge varieties across the Question, Action, Team Play and All Play categories
  • gives Maths, English and Science real world context
  • game booklet includes another 10 mini games and info on 126 careers

The Panjango Game is available for only £29.99 per game.

Find out more at

2 Panjango Trumps

The fun way to explore the world of work! A unique twist on the classic game that pits jobs against each other in a battle of stats.  

  • explores 50 different jobs with rankings on Study/Training, Brain Power, Social Good, Physical Effort, Average Salary and Robot Risk!
  • each trump card includes a Job Description and a Fun Fact to bring the careers to life
  • also includes 8 mini games and exercises for cross-curriculum working, and a blank trump card for children to create their own

Panjango Trumps is available for just £9.99 a pack.

Find out more at

3 Panjango Trumps: Future Jobs

Explore the future world of work! We have worked with some of the world's leading futurists to predict the exciting new jobs that young people will have the opportunity to do in the future.

  • explores 50 future jobs from Data Detective to DNA Reprogrammer, or Memory Surgeon to Meat Grower!
  • trump cards include a Job Description, Fun Fact and six ratings including Job Prospects, Salary Grade and Cool Factor!
  • each pack also includes 6 mini games and a blank trump card for children to create their own

Panjango Trumps: Future Jobs is available for just £9.99 a pack.

Find out more at

4 Panjango Online

A FREE online platform that allows young people to explore careers through interactive challenges that gamify and give context to learning. The platform contains more than 2500 challenges covering more than 120 different jobs.

  • Knowledge Challenges directly link the KS2 and KS3 Maths, English and Science curriculum to the world of work
  • Skills Challenges are fun, interactive exercises which develop the skills and competencies needed in the modern workplace
  • Experience Challenges are reflective exercises requiring young people to debate solutions to work-related scenarios or ethical dilemmas
  • includes a filter system to tailor the resource for your individual needs (including options for both individual and group modes)

Panjango Online is FREE to use. To register simply visit

How to Purchase

You can purchase our games directly through our website. Alternatively, you can send us a purchase order or request an invoice. 

Save 10% when you order 10 or more Panjango games — and save even more when you buy one of our bundle packages!


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